Honda CB Hornet 160R

December 2015 0 Category: bike
The name Hornet comes from the line of legendary naked street fighters sold by Honda world-wide. The Hornet comes in the models of 250, 600 and 900.   

Honda has recently revealed a 160cc bike under the Hornet name in India. This is the first time the Auto giant has given its Hornet name to a smaller capacity bike.
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November 2015 0 Category: car
Hybrids are, in simple terms, vehicles which use two or more means to move. 

In a practical context, hybrid cars use a regular fuel burning engines (Internal combustion engine) but also carry battery powered motors which work in tandem to move the car.

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Bajaj Pulsar 400CS & Pulsar 400 SS – Launching soon?

October 2015 0 Category: bike
The stake acquisition at KTM has paved the way for the launch of the Pulsars 400. Though these were displayed for the first time way back in Feb 2014, they should be hitting the showrooms very soon! 


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New Kwid on the block

October 2015 0 Category: car
The largest piece of four wheeler action in India is the entry level hatchback segment & the Renault Kwid is literally the cat amongst the proverbial chicken.

Over 25,000 bookings is quite a record to set for the Kwid, considering that Renault has never dabbled in this entry level segment anytime before. The Kwid has arrived!

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October 2015 0 Category: car
The Renault team believes that globally, the small hatchbacks are losing out to mini SUVs. While the gulf between the two segments in India is way too large currently,  to straight away digest that observation, we appreciate the ‘out of box” philosophy that has gone into the Kwid. 

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